Roberto’s skull cufflink designs originally came about when he looked for a gift to give to his brother. For years, they had searched for the perfect pair of skull cufflinks. But the offerings out there either looked too much like cartoon characters or were poorly made. And something off-the-shelf wouldn’t do. It had to be stylish, personal, and crafted with skill. JR decided he would just have to make them himself. So he set out to craft the perfect cufflinks that would live up to his stringent demands. And José Roberto was born.



Each and every product is created by designer, Jose Roberto. Roberto has a deep design background and has worked with some of the world’s top brands. Hailing from Mexico and now living in Zurich, his approach to design is heavily shaped by his dual Swiss-Mexican heritage. His goal is to integrate the world of fashion design with modern technology while paying homage to the couture styling clients appreciate.